Fireborn/dragon rpg Discord group

By Helios Inferno, in Fireborn

As G+ has been declining in popularity, and as easier method to discuss and chat (or even play rpg's), I have created a discord group for all those interested in Dragons or dragon related rpg's.

It was born out of the Fireborn rpg community, so naturally any questions related to fireborn can be asked and discussed, but the group is made a bit more general to also allow other dragon related rpg's.

It's been set up fresh, so not too many joined yet, but it trickles in slowly.

I may even decide to run a one shot of Fireborn on it later, if time permits.

Hopefully we can get a bit of a community going to discuss the rpg, dragons and even play a thing or too.

The discord is here;

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Discord invite link was valid only 1 day

Concidering the news that the forums will close down, I thought I bring the Discord server for Fireborn back into attention!

We can help get you with any of the fanmade materials, old Fireborn downloads/adventures, or general rules questions.

In addition we welcome any other discussion of Dragon related rpg's or events, or anything you might find relevatn for the setting or fantasy in general. The discord community is a fairly small group and not too active, but whenever questions or news gets posted, it tends to rile up a fair bit of members checking back in.

If anything on the forums here we need to save, we will make an attempt to do so as well.

Though I belief not much posted here was not already available elsewhere.

In kind regards,


Join the discord through this link;