Attack On Dol Guldur info

By Emilius, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand


where is it possible to buy Attack On Dol Guldur POD in Europe?

Could you give me a link of an online store where to buy it in Europe?

Thank you in advance!

I just ordered my copy from on here. I don't think there is a dedicated European printer.

Dame problean for me. Do you of any website shipping in Europe without charging 20$ of shipping and tax?

No way to find it in Italy. It's the only content I'm missing apart some nightmare decks where I have the same problem...

Any suggestion is welcome!!

If it can help you

charge "only" 15€ for sending from France. And only if it is under 50€. And they don't have Attack on Dol Guldur for now (they will probably receive it someday, but you better be reactive since it can be sell out in a week, like nightmare pack does).

I don't think it will help you much but I don't have any better clue. Good luck..

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Thank you very much.

It is a better option than I have today.