Tyrell lonely knights

By Riuka, in Deck Building

Hello everyone,

I just made my very first deck and would very much appreciate your feedback. I am trying to prepare for a Tournament in October and want to practice with the best possible Tyrell deck while matching my playstyle and affinity for knights.

You can find the full decklist here: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/11699/lonely-knights-1.0

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I would try and add 1 Alerie Tyrell, she's a lady, draws a card and her stats are semi decent. Was also a bit surprised to not see a 3 Garden Caretakers. They are great for claim soak, setup and since your deck is almost completly Tyrell always usefull in marshalling.

Your deck looks a bit weak on setup. What does your experience with the deck tell you? Personally i'm also a bigger fan of Redwyne straits instead of the arbor.

What's your reasoning to take 3 Roseroads and only 2 Rose Garden? It's not that your deck has any shadow, high cost events or ambush. I think I would atleast switch the numbers on those 2 cards.