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What is the longest ranged single man portable weapon youve found ( or modified using the errata etc ) in the game? One of my players and i created a new pc for him this last week and modified a Cadian "Forgiver" AMR using the specs given in the DH Errata and another file ( Armor and Weapon Modifications and Rules ...sourced and compiled from game books, errata, and other sources ) The base range for his chosen "toy" was 600m. We used the rules for Best Quality ( after some very nice luck rolls on background and a dose of giving up some gear to get it ) the primary trait it was given as a marked level of performance was one called "Far Reaching" ( extends the base range by +50% taking it to 900m ) Given it is an Energy ( Las ) weapon we used the Heavy Capacitor ( DH Errata NOT version 3 but the original version ) which gave it x4 range. After it was all said and done the weapons range increments look like this.

Point blank: 0-3m

Short: 3-1,800m

Medium: 1,800-3,600m

Long: 3,600-7,200m

Extreme: 7,200-10,400m

Maximum: 10,400-14,400m

The shiny bits added included an Omni-scope ( to all but eliminate any range penalties ), a weapon MIU with visual ghost overlay, and it can be broken down and stored/carried in a large case.

NOTE: The primary issue the pc found was that on a Terra sized planet the horizon range is only 3.1km distant at ground level....so in order to get anything like even half max range he had to find something considerably tall to climb to make a sniper nest..lol

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By DH RAW the longest range of the man-portable weapon is 300 m of the Autocannon and MP Lascannon.

With addition of OW rules you can take "Longshot" sniper rifle (350m), use "Longbarrel" weapon pattern positive to add 10 m to range, and then Extended Barrel weapon customisation for +50% range.

Somewhere I've seen talent that allow you to shoot at x5 maximum range instead of x4, so the absolute maximum range by RAW would be 2700 m.

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The DH Errata v1.01 gives option that was used in conjunction with a variation of the Extended Barrel customization ( called Heavy Barrel in the Errata ) That however is for the SP category of weapon. In the Errata it lists a different addition for the Las class rifle ( the Cadian forgiver is a las AMR ( Anti-Material Rifle ) and its description has it as something akin to a lower powered ( but longer ranged ) lascannon. The base range on the "Forgiver" is listed at 600m ( you can find this special "sniper" class weapon and a good few more of all classes in the "True Snipers for Dark Heresy Supplement. It only makes sense that they would have better longer ranged rifles than any of your standard ones. A long las is not suited to be a sniper rifle. It lacks penetration except when using Hotshot packs and its range boost over the standard lasrifles is laughable. An extended/heavy barrel is worthless with las weapons.

The modification that is listed in the Errata is called Heavy Capacitor. It is specifically for las weapons with the accurate trait ( any Best Quality weapon can/will gain the accurate trait by the literal description in DHCB sidebars on quality and effects on gear ) The Heavy Capacitor gives the las weapon 4x the range and increases weight by 10%

The True Snipers supplement adds much needed Sniper talents to the game for anyone who wants to play one. As well as more information on the specialist class of weapons with the sub-category of "Sniper" ( they cause pinning and more when used and have special restrictions ( must be fired from braced position and auto-stabilized and bulging biceps do NOT negate this need )

When you combine the best quality chosen trait of Far Reaching ( increasing the weapons base range by 50% ) then add the Heavy Capacitor modification youll beat that 2700m range by a large margin.

600m base x1.50 (+50% eq)=900m

900mx4(heavy capacitor)=3600m

If you could find that talent you mentioned and let me know where to find it at it would be appreciated. For any that would like the Errata and/or Sniper supplement just email me here and when i get online ( usually in mornings after i get home from work ) i can see about emailing you a copy of them if you wish.

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(opens the Armory)

In DH1? MP Lascannon, 300. In all lines? Lascannon too, and

  • Rogue Trader : Voss-pattern Mortar (Heavy) - 300, Sollex Electo-pult (Heavy) from Faith and Coin - 500.
  • Deathwatch : a bunch of Tau weapons 500 (but those are mounted on their powered armor), Harp of Dissonance (Basic) from The Outer Reach - 700.
  • BC, OW : Missile Launcher (Heavy) - 300.
  • DH2 : Missile Launcher (Heavy), Hellrifle (Basic) (Basic) - 300.

Only War also has variant patterns including "Longbarrel" (+10m to range) and even better, customizations including Extended Barrel (x1.5), thus 300 can be increased to 310 for intact regulation weapon, or 450 for modified.

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(opens the Armory)

In DH1? MP Lascannon, 300. In all lines? Lascannon too, and

  • Rogue Trader : Voss-pattern Mortar (Heavy) - 300, Sollex Electo-pult (Heavy) from Faith and Coin - 500.
  • Deathwatch : a bunch of Tau weapons 500 (but those are mounted on their powered armor), Harp of Dissonance (Basic) from The Outer Reach - 700.
  • BC, OW : Missile Launcher (Heavy) - 300.
  • DH2 : Missile Launcher (Heavy), Hellrifle (Basic) (Basic) - 300.

Only War also has variant patterns including "Longbarrel" (+10m to range) and even better, customizations including Extended Barrel (x1.5), thus 300 can be increased to 310 for intact regulation weapon, or 450 for modified.

Yes In DH1. No not in the basic armory. NOT a regular MP lascannon. This was a specialist "sniper" variant of an AMR ( Anti-Material Rifle ) not a regular rifle but not a lascannon either.

Since the file is too big to link here i will copy and paste in full for you ( the weapon specs are presented below the weapon descriptions in the following format Class/Range/ROF/Dmg/Pen/Clip/Reload/Weight/Traits/Cost/Availability

New Talents
It is recommended that these new traits be made available as Elite Advances in the same ranks where careers have access to their prerequisites. In general, these advances should be worth 200xp each.
Sniper Rifle Training
Prerequisites: Appropriate Basic weapon training of the same Talent Group
Talent Groups : SP, Las, Bolt, Plasma, Exotic
You have received training in a group of Sniper weapons and can use them without penalty.

Prerequisites: Heightened Senses (Sight)
You are especially trained in estimating range, wind speed, light conditions and other factors for hitting a target. You may assist a single sniper able to understand you to hit a single target that you can see. To do so, choose a target and make a Challenging (+0) Awareness check – Success will give +5 BS to your chosen sniper to hit that target this round. Each additional degree of success will provide a further +5 BS Bonus. This talent requires a Full Action to use.

One shot one kill
Prerequisites: Sharpshooter
You are trained to eliminate targets with a single shot. If you make a called shot for the Head of your target, all damage that gets past Toughness is doubled. This Talent has no effect on objects, Daemons, creatures with no head (such as Chaos Spawn), or anything with the Machine trait.

Bait the trap
Prerequisites: Deadeye Shot
Snipers are trained to cripple an enemy in order to draw his allies in for closer attacks. If you make a Called Shot and successfully inflict damage on your target, roll 1d5-1. Consult the appropriate critical chart and inflict the critical with the corresponding value on the target.


Elysian Angel-20 Designated Marksman Lasrifle
The elite Elysian Drop Troopers rely on high quality commando style weaponry in which is issued to their troops. The Angel-20 is actually a marksman variant of their commonly used bullpup style Elysian Lasrifle and is often carried in the field by Elysian Veterans in preference to the common lasgun. It uses standard Las charge packs and can be overcharged or hot shotted as normal. Its unusual style does not permit a charge backpack to be used with it.

Basic/Las 125m S/3/- 1d10+5 I 0 20 Full 4.5kg Accurate, Reliable 300 Very Rare

"Yarrrick Pattern" Armageddon Designated Marksman Rifle
The Armageddon autogun is one of the most respected rifles in the Calixis sector, so it is only natural for a marksman version of the same rifle to be issued (named after Armageddon’s famous hero). Any troopers issued Armageddon rifles could easily be issued this rifle as well. It makes an excellent semi-automatic sniper rifle and is popular among enforcers throughout the sector. This rifle is available as a conversion kit for existing Armageddons at cost of 75 Thrones at Scarce availability.

Basic/SP 150m S/2/- 1d10+5 I 0 15 Full 4.5kg Accurate, Reliable 200 Scarce

Hax-Orthlack "Righteous" Designated Marksman Rifle
Forge Orthlack continues its stranglehold on supplying the Magistratum with this designated marksman rifle. The Righteous possesses excellent firepower for taking down tough mutants or combat drugged criminals. As a negative to some (but a positive to Orthlack) the weapon uses a unique form of ammunition not compatible with other solid projectile weapons. This keeps it from utilizing specialized ammunition unless produced by the manufacturer (usually only by custom request). The cost of these bullets is 5 Thrones per 10 shot pre-stacked clip. Orthlack also offers a 20 shot clip variant for a cost of 50 Thrones each (also pre-made). Both have Common availability on Scintilla and Very Rare availability everywhere else.

Basic/SP 250m S/3/- 1d10+4 I 0 10 Full 7kg Accurate, Tearing 180 Average

Belasco Deathworks "Vigilante" Arbite Sniper Rifle
Catering to those arbites who prefer “justice over law”, Belasco Deathworks has carefully crafted this particular sniper weapon. Too low powered for wartime use, the Vigilante is excellent for eliminating demagogues and well protected recidivists. It can use a variety of different sniper ammunitions to suit it to this task. The vigilante comes with a preysense scope, a bipod, and a specialized carry case. It can be disassembled or re-assembled to fit in its case with 3 Full Actions by a person trained in Sniper (SP).

Sniper/SP 200m S/3/- 1d10+5 I 0 5 2Full 7kg Accurate 225 Scarce

Landunder "Blue Shark" Designated Marksman Lasrifle
Landunder is an ocean world and as such its military and law enforcement need to be able to stop threats that may come from the sea. Like the Landunder Lasrifle, the Blue Shark is a “blue laser” designed to operate with efficiency in an undersea environment. It is used mainly by the amphibious Landunder PDF forces primarily, often being issued in large numbers. Surplus weapons are also used by enforcers or occasionally by bounty hunters who might seek their prey in the unusual undersea environment.

Basic/Las 120m S/3/- 1d10+4 I 5 20 Full 3.5kg Reliable 180 Average

Catachan "Ferryman" Long Las
Catachan veterans often find they have many uses for sniper weapons in their preferred jungle environment. Since many of them are often involved far from home, the Long Las is preferred over conventional munition sniper weapons. The Ferryman is an exceptional weapon of the las variety, incorporating several highly valued secrets in its manufacture. Its charge capacity is unmatched by other sniper rifles, making it capable of lasting in the field for exceptionally long deployments with no resupply. It can utilize any of the sniper las charge packs to accomplish this, and can even be overcharged or hot shotted. It has an incredible effective range and is highly accurate out to 700 meters. It is a terribly hardy weapon, able to withstand nearly any amount of conventional force and remain operational (even being used as a club). Finally the weapons surface is coated in cameleoline to aid in concealment.

Sniper/Las 350m S/-/- 1d10+5 E 1 40 Full 4.5kg Accurate, Reliable 350 Rare

Sollexian Furor Long Las
The Cult of Sollex is specialized in las lore and has created numerous highly effective las weapons. The Furor is such a weapon – a powerful semi-automatic sniper las weapon. In effect, the Furor should actually be termed a “sniper Hellgun” as every shot that it uses is already hot shotted. It cannot be further hot shotted or overcharged. The Furor does not use a standard las charge pack but instead uses the same backpack charge pack as most Hellguns (being in fact the same charge pack as the Skiitari D’laku Hellgun). These weapons are only made at a single manufactorium on Hadd, mostly by manual process. They are usually only found in the hands of powerful nobles, Rogue Traders, or Inquisitorial Throne Agents.

Sniper/Las 350m S/3/- 1d10+5 E 4 12 Full 9kg Accurate, Tearing 1500 Very Rare

Elysian Night Raptor Scout Rifle
Possibly the most sophisticated bullpup style marksman rifle in the Imperium, the Night Raptor is highly valued by Elysian Veterans and by snipers across known space. It is often used during Elysian night drops and is excellent for night time sniping. The kind of range available from a rifle configuration is unheard of, being longer than that of even most long las weapons. This is due to the weapons implanted magneto-accelerators which propel rounds out the barrel with amazing force. This extremely quiet system functions as a built in silencer, producing virtually no noise whatsoever, and in addition produces no muzzle flash. Unfortunately it means that this rifle requires specialized ammunition, which costs 1 Thrones per 7 bullets and is Rare. It is available in the conventional varieties of other bullets however (Man stopper, Dum dum, etc) at the normal cost. Finally the Night Raptor comes equipped with a Photo Visor scope for low light actions (this can be switched out for other scopes).

Basic/SP 400m S/-/- 1d10+5 I 0 7 Full 4.5kg Accurate, Silenced 380 Very Rare

Cadence Arms Protectorate Sniper Rifle
The Cadence Arms Protectorate is a fine sidearm designed to be utilized by military forces throughout the sector. Nearly every PDF, military, mercenary, and criminal endeavor in the Calixis sector has purchased the Protectorate for use as a sniper weapon. This has made the Protectorate probably the most ubiquitous such weapon for light years, likely part of the plan of the mysterious Cadence Arms.

Sniper/SP 200m S/-/- 1d10+6 I 0 5 Full 6.5kg 375 Average

Khayer-Addin Moonlight Sniper Rifle
The Moonlight lies in the grey area between a Sniper Rifle and a anti-materiel rifle. Although it uses the large rounds and has the punch of such huge weapons (putting it in the same class as the Heavy Bolter for damage) it is highly inaccurate and has a poor range due high recoil and a short barrel. It also lacks a built in bipod. However, all that being said the weapon is often deployed by criminals who do not mind the short range (who often refer to the gun as the “Ugly Stick”). The weapon is illegal on most worlds in the sector due to the collateral damage that its poor accuracy creates except on Volg, where even the PDF forces are sometimes issued the weapon (much to their chagrin).

Sniper/SP 150m S/-/- 2d10-1 I 0 3 Full 5kg Inaccurate 500 Average

Fykos Tragic-5 Anti-Materiel Gun
Realizing that there was a need for a rifle capable of taking on heavily armored opponents or attacking light vehicles, the Fane of Fykos was certainly the first to step forward. Utilizing a downgraded version of an Autocannon round, Fykos was able to produce an excellent 5 shot AMR with considerable range and tremendous power (able to knock a grown man on his feet). However at this size, the gun does have some limitations in armor penetration. Still the gun has a solid reputation in the sector and can be found in the hands of enforcers and “respectable” bounty hunters on any planet.

Sniper/SP 600m S/-/- 2d10 I 0 5 Full 11kg Knockback 1000 Scarce

Elysian Erasi Anti-Materiel Gun
The Elysians tend to favor weapons that are commando in nature, and their heavy weapons are no exception. The Erasi is in fact probably the closest that most Elysian units come to a heavy weapon, as it is a sniper weapon that uses the same round as the heavy bolter. Its long rifle frame is still capable of firing the large round semi-automatically (due to excellent manufacture). This gun is highly sought after by soldiers of all stripes and is a valued treasure of nobility.

Sniper/Bolt 500m S/2/- 2d10 +2 X 6 5 2 Full 15kg Knockback, Tearing 3000 Very Rare

Cadian "Forgiver" Las Field Gun
Although it is seldom mentioned, the Cadian Forgiver is a variety of anti-materiel rifle known as a very light field gun. In essence, the Forgiver is an underpowered lascannon which is much smaller and capable of being placed on either a bipod, a tripod, or even fired shoulder mounted. Some lighter Cadian recon vehicles are equipped with this weapon and it is actually much more available on Cadia (Scarce and half the cost), however in the Calixis Sector the weapon is much more rare and expensive as nearly all weapons there are imported.

Sniper/Las 600m S/-/- 2d10-1 E 10 6 2 Full 20kg Reliable 4000 Very Rare

Lathe Annhilatrix Plasma Field Gun
Forged only on the Lathe Worlds and usually only issued to Skiitari veteran snipers or to Mechanicus Secutors. As a plasma weapon, the Annihilatrix is highly desired by all tech priests and even by space marines for use as a sniper weapon. As a long range single shot plasma cannon the weapon is excellent for destruction of light vehicles from ambush. The Annihilatrix uses the same plasma canister as a standard plasma cannon, even though the gun is much lighter and smaller. The weapon is equipped with a concealed bipod/tripod that folds into the cooling shroud. Common troops of the Imperial Guard and PDF forces tend to dislike the weapon for its complex design and frequently refer to the weapon as a “puzzle gun”.

Sniper/Plasma 350m S/-/- 2d10+10 E 8 6 4 Full 24kg Overheats, Recharge 8000 Very Rare

Maximal 4d10+10 E 8

Westingkrup Prizemaker Hunting Rifle
Like so many other solid, simple, and reliable weapons made by Westingkrup, the Prizemaker is solidly designed to accomplish its primary goal – hunting game. Though the Prizemaker lacks the stopping power to hunt the dangerous game of most Death Worlds, it is well made for sport hunting of forest prey species such as a venalope or tuskovores. The Prizemaker has tremendous accuracy out to 450 meters and is moderately priced for most hunters who often use the weapon when hunting from tree stands and the like. It is rarely utilized as a combat weapon except perhaps in extremis or by rebels on frontier worlds.

Sniper/SP 225m S/-/- 1d10+3 I 0 5 Full 5kg Accurate 125 Abundant

Nomad V2 Game Rifle
The Nomad is often called the king among rifles, so it is no surprise that this weapon would be crafted into a longer barreled sniper version. The Nomad V2 shares 90% of its parts and design with the original to suit those of finer tastes who enjoyed that weapon and would prefer to replace it for longer range shooting. The V2 has begun to eclipse the popularity of the original Nomad and is considered de riguer the hunting gun of young nobility and the fashionable. To date, each weapon is produced by hand by its original creator and thus every finished version is made unique to the buyer – a durable and excellent work of art. It is said that the wealthy Caligari family of Malfi owns three of these beautifully crafted weapons for off world hunting expeditions, each in the collection of a senior head of the family.

Sniper/SP 300m S/-/- 1d10+5 I 3 4 Full 10kg Accurate, Reliable 2500 Very Rare

"Malfian Toothpick" Collapsible Rifle
The Mariette X296-PCK collapsible rifle is perhaps one of the most illegal weapons in the Calixis sector. Better known as the Malfian Toothpick, this weapon is certainly descended in design from the Mariette pistol, and is carried almost exclusively by assassins as it is good for little else. Due to an ancient pact regarding its manufacture (and excessive political intrigue) the Mariette family is permitted to continue producing the weapon. In addition, despite the illegalities, nearly every noble house on Malfi is thought to possess at least one house assassin with the weapon and there is more than one Imperial Commander or House Spymaster willing to break the rules to keep this gun in their armories. It is also exceedingly popular among Rogue Traders and their Arch Militants in the Koronus Expanse and thus can often be found among traders on Footfall (the weapon still being largely unknown to most xenos races).
Possibly the most concealable rifle ever made, it constructed mostly from ceramite and designed to be made ready from concealment in a single Full Action. It is virtually undetectable by common Auspex devices in its collapsed form (requiring a Heroic (-60) Tech Use test). In its collapsed state, the weapon is usually disguised as a fine staff or cane (and is supplied with a wooden sheaf for such at Good quality or better) or can be stored in any case capable of holding a meter long instrument (such as a golf bag, quiver, suitcase, or even some briefcases).
Its magnetic powered sabot ammunition is one of the most effective ever made, comparable to theVindicaire Temple’s Exitus Long Rifle. This ammunition is nearly silent, much like its weaker cousin the Needle Rifle, and produces no muzzle flash. This, coupled with a potential kilometer long range, makes the X296-PCK the most desirable sniper weapon any non-Temple assassin could have.
Conventional ammunition for the weapon costs 500 Thrones for a single shot and is Very Rare on Hive or Forge Worlds and Near Unique everywhere else. It comes in all varieties that normal sniper ammunition does.

Sniper/SP 450m S/-/- 1d10+7 I 10 1 Full 3kg Accurate, Silenced 1500 Rare

Belasco Deathworks Godfinger Long Las
In order to combat their competitors of house Mariette, House Belasco has produced the far more legal (and possibly more lethal by some accounts) Godfinger Long Las. Originally conceived as a military sniper weapon, the Godfinger suffers from several drawbacks keeping it out of the field. Chief amongst these is its inability to penetrate armor, its high rate of power consumption and its extraordinary cost. In addition, the Belasco family is in a long standing legal battle with elements of the Cult of Sollex over copyrights to the weapons heat baffling system and range finding, which has kept the weapon from being mass produced. As such, only a few hundred of the weapons have ever been made – most of them in the hands of nobility and collectors.
Rare to find, the gun is of extraordinary make. It is accurate at over a kilometer in range and possesses a unique silencer system built into its heat baffles that makes the gun very quiet. It has the hardy and simple construction of a lasgun or long las and is apparently produced from an ancient Mars design of high repute. This enables the weapon to be easily repaired – even by the relatively unskilled. The weapon is capable of utilizing any regular basic charge pack, even an overcharged or hotshotted one. It is not capable of using a Hellgun or backpack charge pack however.

Sniper/Las 600m S/-/- 2d10-1 E 0 3 2 Full 20kg Reliable, Silenced 4000 Very Rare

Revised Exitus Long Rifle
In light of these revised sniper rules, I have presented this modified version of the Exitus Long Rifle to better reflect the ranges of weapons in this supplement.

Sniper/Exotic 600m S/-/- 2d10+2 I 9 10 Full 9kg Accurate, Knockback X Near Unique

NAME Cost/Amount Availability

Sniper Bolt Shells 20/1 Rare

SLAP Bolt Shells 150/1 Very Rare

Incendiary Bolt Shells 40/1 Rare

Tracer Bolt Shells 20/1 Rare

Sniper Bullets 1/15 Plentiful

SLAP Bullets 150/1 Rare

Explosive Bullets 20/1 Rare

Incendiary Bullets 18/1 Rare

Tracer Bullets 1/15 Plentiful

Sniper Man Stopper Bullets 1/1 Scarce

Sniper Dum Dum Bullets 1/1 Scarce

Sniper Plasma Flask 30/full clip Rare

Sniper Charge Pack 20/full clip Common

Sniper Hot Shot Charge 20/full clip Scarce

Sniper Exotic 20/1 Rare

Sniper Rounds (Ammo)
In general, sniper rounds are larger than the rounds used by their basic cousins. They are usually not as large as the ammunition used by heavy weapons however and seldom require a second man to carry the ammunition for the weapon.
Used With: Sniper weapons

Sabot Light Armor Piercing (SLAP) (Ammo)
Designed to punch through the armor of light vehicles or heavily armed opponents, this style of ammunition is often too powerful to cause much damage to the flesh of its victims.
Effects: Increases the Penetration of a weapon to 9 but reduces the Wounds inflicted once the shot gets past Toughness by 2. This cannot reduce the damage below 1. This damage penalty does not apply to non-living targets or those with the machine trait.
Weapons: Sniper SP, Sniper Bolt

Incendiary (Ammo)
Used against unarmored, flammable targets, this ammunition can be terrifying against troops.
Effects: Grants the Flame quality to the weapon. However this ammo is dangerous to store – if the bearer is hit by any Flame attacks, he is at -10 to all tests to avoid or put out the flames and takes +1 damage from such weapons.
Weapons: Sniper SP, Sniper Bolt

Explosive (Ammo)
Used against unarmored, flammable targets, this ammunition can be terrifying against troops.
Effects: Change the weapons damage type to X.
Weapons: Sniper SP

Tracer (Ammo)
Used primarily to help target rounds and single out possible targets
Effects: This ammunition grants a +5 BS Bonus when used, however it will almost certainly give away the position of the shooter.
Weapons: Any solid projectile or bolt weapon

New Weapon Traits

A sniper weapon is a significantly different type of rifle from the Basic class of weapons or that of Heavies. Sniper weapons are long barreled, slow to aim, and are only effective if fired carefully from a braced (Dark Heresy Rulebook p.127) stance. Unlike Heavy Weapons, Talents such as Bulging Biceps or Traits such as Auto Stabilized cannot eliminate this need.
Sniper weapons are powerful and often cause hesitation in troops. This means that if Sniper weapons cause even a single wound to a target they will cause Pinning in both the target and all his or her allies within 5 meters of the target.
Weapons with the Sniper trait utilize a different variety of ammunition, found in the Ammo section of this supplement.

A target that is less than Hulking in size or without the multiple limbs or Auto Stabilized trait that is hit by this attack (regardless of whether they take damage), they must make a Difficult (+10) Toughness test or be knocked off their feet.

This weapon is innately silent. It has all the benefits of a silencer without having to have one attached. This means that Awareness Tests to hear shots made with a silenced weapon suffer an additional -20 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance for detecting gunshots.

While i do admit ALL of the Las rifles should be doing (E)nergy damage instead if (I)mpact damage listed. I think that was a typo ( repeatedly ) and i do treat ALL lasweapons as energy type damage. Other than that...My group uses these special types for actual "sniper" duties instead of the usual counterparts. Again if you would like a copy of the file(s) we use for your perusal or for your groups use feel free to drop me an email address to use in my PM and ill send you a copy ( since the file size limit here is woefully pointless )

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This was very interesting, Cobramax are you still around.

Or anyone else with early DH Errata mods for firearms, could you list them?