Nightmare Decks Lagging

By DropDeadCriminal, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand

Whats with the lag in the nightmare decks. Half the Dream Chaser cycle, all of the Haradrim cycle, 2 saga boxes and delux box worth of stuff still has no Nightmare decks out.

You are right about an unusual delay. But you are wrong about the dates: the last nightmare was release in September 2017, far after the deluxe of cycle 7. Usually there is 3 months between each Nightmare but the last was 6 months and we still have no nightmare.

In another hand a 3 months between each nightmare was no longer able: at some point nightmare will be released before the usual quest ^^. And having enough time between a quest and his nightmare seem important to let the dev see what wrong and be able to fix it.

I'm still waiting with a lot of excitement new nightmares ^^

I think it might be more profitable to wait a little bit before releasing nightmare mode. That way quests can be "fixed" or "unbroken" with more experience from standard mode.

That said, there has been an unwanted lack of content for this game in general (beside those much needed playmats), not just nightmare mode.