University Project

By whitespark, in Cold War: CIA vs KGB (original edition)


We are a team from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland studying Games Design and we've been given an assignment based around the Fantasy Flight Games collection. We are to take one of the current IPs in use by the lovely people at Fantasy Flight and create our own game around it that must use 2 mediums (paper based, video, video game, live action etc...).

We have chosen the Cold War: CIA vs KGB IP and are hoping to incorporate elements of both computer games and board games.

Now we are here in the hope to have some help from you guys! In order to make a good game it is vital for us to create a general persona of current Fantasy Flight Games players. We would be very grateful if you could spare some time to answer a short questionnaire we have prepared to better understand our target audience.

In the interest of anonimity we will not require a name or address or anything like that. We would also recommend that you email us your answers to: [email protected]

Thanks =)

Team WhiteSpark




How often do you play board games?
How often do you play video games?
How long do you prefer to spend on a gaming session?
How many people do you prefer to play with?
Who do you prefer to play with?
Where do you mostly play games (at home, when travelling...)?
How often do you buy games and how much do you spend on average?

The following questions are rated between 1-5. With 1 being that you do not agree with the statement at all and 5 being that you very much agree with the statement.
You enjoy having a feeling that your actions are having an effect in real time when playing a board game (rather than feeling turn based).
You like your games to be played at a fast pace.
You are comfortable with using basic graphical user interfaces such as Windows or Mac OS etc...

You enjoy playing team games


The following questions are simple yes/no answers.
Have you played the Cold War: CIA vs KGB card game from Fantasy Flight?
If so, did you enjoy it?

The final question is open ended.
How do you feel about a game that incorporates both a paper based(board) aspect and a computer game(flash) aspect.

please either post you answers here or email your answers and comments to [email protected]