XCOM App difficulty timer

By Stuart Helm, in XCOM: The Board Game


Would it be possible to add a setting in the app to disable the timer?

I would like to play this game with my family and the timer makes the game require so much attention that we don't have time to laugh or enjoy the game until it is over.

I see several ways you could make this happen:

1. Have an Easy version with timer disabled

2. Have an additional setup screen that offers to disable the timer no matter what difficulty level you select (or at least increase it significantly)

3. Add this to the Option screen with the sound settings to add / remove time from the timer by up to 300%

I purchased this game when it was first released and I'm surprised this has not been done yet.

If you make the game family / new player friendly, you will sell more copies and I will help you sell it by playing it with my non-gaming friends.

Don't you want more money?

Thanks, Stuart.

Edited by Stuart Helm

In easy, you have unlimited pause - the person controlling the app can just hit pause at every step.

At higher difficulties, you can still force a pause by opening the menu.