Ideas for runewars need input

By Elvenwisdom, in Runewars

Hi im new but i want to say how much i love the game and that i would like to see gargantuan figures for the game. Also... Dwarves would be cool too. What do you all think?

It's a great game. I'm not at all hopeful for more expansions, but it could be nice. I don't think the game needs more factions, but I wouldn't say no to Orcs of the Broken Plains and Dunwarr Dwarves. If they do release them, I hope they print new faction sheets for the original races so that there aren't any influence ties with the new races. For example, starting influence/tactics could be Elves-6/1; Dwarves-5/2; Humans-4/3; Undead-3/4; Orcs-2/5; Demons-1/6. You could also do a scale of 0-5 instead of 1-6. It would be neat to have 6-player rules, just to have them, even though that would make for very long games.

I'm curious what kinds of gargantuan figures you have in mind. Oh wait. I just realized that you're probably talking about Runewars Miniatures Game, aren't you. The forums for that game is found in the miniatures section -- not the board and card game section. It's a completely different game from Runewars.