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By Fluke Starbucker, in The Iron Throne

1. Seleyse's Leader Card special... Where does the "replaced" card go -- the discard pile or your hand?

2. Defender reward... can you distribute power among multiple peeps? or just one?

3. Robb, Cat, Davos, etc... Their abilites say "After your Turn" or "Before your Turn". Can you use their specials once per turn? Or once per round?

4. Joffery leader card special... Does the power removal depend on who he has distributed influence to during the whole game? Or just influence distributed during the current turn? And can the power removal be from multiple peeps or just from one?

Thanks in advance.

30 views and nobody has any insight into these questions?

Bueller? LOL

how we have been playing so far...
1. Not sure have to get back to you.
2. The clarification section advises you can divy up a multiple power transfer so yes can be for example 1 to rob stark and 1 to ned stark.
3. Not actually sure, my group has been playing it once per round, during the end phase/start phase of the player before/after you respectively.
4. Been playing this one as if it was throughout the whole game and from multiple people...

1. I would say that since the cards are discarded first that the replaced card ends up in the discard pile both because that is its next destination after being played and because that is where the replacement card has come from. I agree this could have been made clearer. If the cards were kept in hand then it would seem more logical to swap the replaced card into that position.

3. From the rulebook (page 5) The challenger (the player resolving their turn ) draws the top card of the event deck, which tells them who the defender is for the turn. (page 7) Then the next player in clockwise order becomes the new challenger and begins their turn with the preparation phase.

There are no designated rounds, I'm assuming you mean any turn as opposed to on your turn as challenger. So yeh fairly infrequently. It's "your turn" not any turn

4. The wording "each player" suggests more than 1 player, since the most players Joffrey can spread influence to in 1 turn is 1 it must be for the whole game. This is in line with other character powers as well. As far as 3 power from one or multiple characters, "[The player] can remove the 3 power from any combinations of his characters as he sees fit." Dane Beltrami - Game Developer - Fantasy Flight Games.

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Thank you everyone for your input. Things are a little clearer now. :)