Can't run the app on Windows 10 tablet

By DarwinsDog, in XCOM: The Board Game

Anyone know the trick to run this on a Windows 10 tablet? I unzip and it just says it can't run on this PC. I hear there's a web app, but I just get a bunch of xml code that I don't understand.

I finally found a solution: ditch the Windows tablet and run the app on my phone. Not just for XCOM, the mobile Windows OS is pretty terrible all around. The XCOM app runs fine on a phone.

I think it is a question of OS, whether it is 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64). I also have had this problem on my Win 10 x86 tablet. If I remember right, on x86 the app is not running but the browser version will do it. On Win 10 x64 the app is running without problems.