Regarding that expansion symbol...

By Accatitippi, in The Iron Throne

The little Kraken thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the expansion cards is really similar to the classical frontal anatomical representation of the female reproductive system.

I know I'm occupationally biased, but I'm sure I won't be the only one to see the similarities - you might want to fix that if it's not too late already!

Now here's hoping this post will make it past moderation... :lol:

This one's the anatomical image I'm referring to:


Anyhoo, I hardly believe anyone will see a kraken and think of female genitalia as they appear in anatomical representations...

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Ironically, Theon's leader ability is called Cocky.

I wonder if there are any special rules for House vs house since Tyrion has sided with Darnerys against Cersi.