your content will need to be approved by a moderator?

By whistlerwerks, in Support

i tried to post in an EotE thread a few days ago but the forum is telling me my content needs to be approved by a moderator. why is this? while not on a serious deadline i am working on a project for my players and have some creative momentum so i want to get some help with the program i am trying to use. could a mod allow me to post in the thread?

thanks guys :)

Is there a best way to get a moderator to approve your posts? I'm having the same issue.

Having the same problem. :(

Yo. Same deal. Just dropped a ton of money on Legion and Id like to be able to discuss the game with others

I'm new to the forums and I'm having the same problem. I'd really like a question about Legion painting answered, but it looks like no one can see my post.

How did you manage to fix that posting issue?

Got the same problem - some instructions would help a lot :D

I would ask what I should do about the problem. But this content also needs to be approved by a moderator.

Having the same issue here.

Anyone able to help me as well please?

Yeah, I'm having the same deal - "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" - I guess that is because we're new to the forum.

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I'm having the same issue. My post hasn't been approved, and it's been 3 days.

Im having the same problem

Same boat.

I've no problem with the rule, I imagine it decreases spam hugely, but I'd appreciate knowing what all the rules are. Forum rules in general seem to be bizarrely hard to find, though not being allowed to ask anyone isn't helping overmuch.

Same issue here.

I've been waiting a day or two for moderator approval on my post as well. Not sure if this is the best way to rings service bell, but it looks like it's worked in the past for people.

same issue here



Hello, I have the same issue since a week. Is there some way to notify moderators when a message is posted ?

I understand the issue about spam, but considering there's no forum rules or anything, the fact that I tried to contact 2 staff members in 48 hours with no answer.

I've been lurking on the forums for 6 months now but just created an account this week.

It's completely understandable why some older users do comment the lack of new people showing up. I guess most of them will post once, see they don't get answered for 1-2 days and move on somewhere else looking for help. Probably reddit or some discord channel.

I'm having the same issue, and I've tried contacting a moderator to no avail. Considering that I can see the posts made here now, I'm hoping that posting here means the moderators will see and approve you.