By Board to Death TV, in Dust

Hey Fan of Fanatsy flight games,

I just wanted to share with you a website that is worth following for VIDEO reviews,

Check out http://www.boardtodeath.tv

Enjoy the video reviews of fantasy flight games!


Man, at last !

It's been a while I've been waiting for a new review from you of a FFG game. I would have lost my whole money though if I had gambled it would be THAT game...

I like your reviews. Keep on with the good job, guys ! (and girls, sorry for Michaela and Felicia)


Thanks for the feedback :)

We are working hard on reviewing game that are sent to us by companies, but Fantasy Flight games seem to have a hard time, or lack of budget, or maybe they don't really care, about sending us games. But if you have request for a review, let us know!

Board to death TV.

Wow, such a poke at FFG ! I hope they'll read you and prove you're wrong about the budget stuff (or, what lot of other people say these days, that their only focus now is gamesworkshop sh... stuff) by sending you many games !

Reviews requests ? You're kidding me right ? I'm gonna spam your boardtodeath.com mailbox with my sign ! Read my sign ! I want reviews from you guys for EVERY game that is in my sign !!! YOU should be the one spamming FFG ;)

Your reviews are really cool. They're not marketing traps, they're not long (as Scott thirty minutes like ones), they pinpoint the essential stuff, they're cool (maybe the audio may require more attention because your mikes don't help us hearing you properly).

Although, I think I've never found any vid from you rating a game with a low grade ? maybe because it's mean (oh come on), or maybe because you just focus on the games you enjoy and have no time to talk about the ones you didn't like ? .... or maybe you ARE a marketing trap in the end !!!?? ;)

Anyway. BtD : please, all the games in my sign, please, please :)

Recently you made me buy Runebound :) and I still hesitate on Chaos in the Old World thanks to you ! Cheers !

Hem said:

and I still hesitate on Chaos in the Old World thanks to you ! Cheers !

Great Review Luca. I love Board to Death TV reviews, heck I even watch them several times sometimes. You guys are doing great! I just hope you make some reviews of new games that are going to be released (like FFG's Dungeon Quest, City of Thieves, Dust Tactics..etc)

two thumbs up!


Now its your fault I have another game on my list.to buy.

Is it just me or did I miss the review. I saw the video and it gave an overview of how to play the game. It looks interesting. Though I'm kind of looking for feedback for those who play or own the game. Looking for some pros and cons to the game. Thanks.