One Final Day to Go!

By Tim Huckelbery, in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Tomorrow marks the release of this most August (Decembrist?) Volume, and where the most Dazzling and Interesting new Variants of the Baron's Game are revealed!

Be sure to read this, the Last Preview, which reveals hints as to the True Natures of the Variants within this mighty Tome, and ushers a new era of Postviews as player supplements spring in coming days to come in this most Wondrous of Times!

Rejoice, Good Folk Edited by Tim Huckelbery

For the love of Prussia, release already!

And off to the aeropost it goes!

Indeed, the Barons's most Factual and Educational Adventures are now Available for all to read in Wonder!

Visit your local purveyor of Fine Games to purchase a copy, plus more for your friends.

Might I inquire as to the disposition of an ether-bound copy of this tome? While I adore the idea of a tome that rests in my hands, the convenience of one that might traverse the planes of new technology would be boon.

In the words of a numerically challenged friend of mine, "That would be telling."

(As a rule we don't announce things like that until they happen, so we can't say anything either way. Consider it in a Schrödingeresque state of affairs for now)

Edited by Tim Huckelbery

What a beautiful tome this is, now that brave souls have been able to deliver it to me in the snowy northern forests!