Infernal Corroder

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Cartel Info File: 030
Unit Designation: "Infernal Corroder"
Faction: Algeroth

Field Notes: With Algeroth forces on the offensive, recruitment is an important precedent for their race. Looking into troop options, Alakhai authorized the extension of his infantry to expand into a new troop type: Infernal Corroder. Included are the specifications Alakhai designated for the creation of this monstrosity.

Our forces are on the advance and we seem to have collected a large amount of these "human" bodies. We need to make use of these fools or we'll just have useless flesh on our hands. Because of this, I am authorizing a new type of soldier that will help us in our indefinite conquest: the Corroder. This unit should be an initiate and only that. The Corroder should be trained in the ways of ranged combat, but should be equipped to adapt to close-combat battles.

The Corroder should be used as a watchful eye on the battlefield around us as we progress in our campaign. These guards know how to spot our enemies even at great distances, and when they do, they will punish these fools for treading in our midst. To bring more pain to these infidels, I'm authorizing the distribution of our prototyped Meatgrinder Chainsaw. This new weapon will surely bring pain and misery upon our enemies as the test results show this item to be adequate in its damage.

The Corroder should also be a display of our capabilities in the Dark Symmetry. Unlike our other initiate members, we will put enough training into these troops granting them access to an array of Algeroth powers and abilities. We must prohibit these soldiers from being fully trained in the ways of the Dark Symmetry, however, as these reformed humans wouldn't know how to handle such power.

This unit should be an official standard bearer of the Algeroth symbol representing our superiority and impending doom to all those that would oppose us. We must use this new soldier to our advantage if we wish to extinguish these disgusting humans. The Corroder should be well equipped to handle any enemy that may pose a problem to us. I highly advise a large group of these soldiers to be used as guards first, and as fighters second. Our enemies would be foolish to make an advance against the Corroders, but if they want to be witnesses to a slaughter, then we shall give them a show like they've never seen.