Review anyone?

By MDMann, in Jarvis

Could someone post a review of this please? I imagine I'll at least give it a look, but I wouldn't mind a review or two first. Thanks.

I liked what I read from the prologue posted here at FFG.

What are the books like ? Are they worth purchasing ?

I found the book for 10 bucks from an online bookstore on Amazon. I have not finished reading it, but I'm about 1/3 of the way through. My initial thoughts:

Jesper Ejsing is good at keeping the story moving. It starts off quick with Jarvis getting accepted as an apprentice. However, I've found that the themes start off rather juvenile. Half of the characters that are introduced are bullies, and the other half are the sympathetic friends. It's very cut and dry. Then again, I have a good chunk of the book to go, so I'm hoping he reveals this world of Ledu a little more. I like the sprinkles of lore he drops, but I just want to see it dropped in heavier doses.

I think this book is a lot better than I expected it to be so far. It's engaging enough to keep me turning the pages. And I actually set down my Steven Erikson series to give this one a go, and I haven't really regretted it yet. So, I'll try to post my final thoughts when I finish the book.

sounds like a good read. might have to get a copy...

yes, i'm about due for a good read. i think the last thing a read was stephen r donaldson chronicles of thomas covenant

ugh, Chronicles is overrated even if it is decent. This didn't get good reviews but I'll check it out if its cheap, always looking for something to read.

ONe day, i'd like to read this graphic novels in italian languageā€¦

Does anyone have a review that has read the book completely? I finally noticed this book, and I would like some more detail to see if it is worth my time. You already have given me kinda a look into the characters, but what of the story?