navigator's ability

By RPGamer, in Citadels

For navigator's ability, the rule says :

After taking your action, you may
either receive an additional four gold or
draw an additional four cards.

My question is :

Does navigator's action ("take 2 gold" or "take 1 district card from the top 2 cards and place the other on the bottom) constrain his bonus option?

I mean, if navigator chooses to take 2 gold, is he constrained to only be able to receive additional 4 gold for this ability? or "draw additional 4 cards" is still an available option for him?

More question :

Do additional four cards all go to his hand?

Thanks in advance for your kindly help.

Your choices are not limited by your earlier action.

If you chose to take gold, you may still draw cards.

If you chose to take cards, you may still take gold.

If you choose to take four cards, you keep them all.

I believe that it just says "four additional..." to indicate that your earlier gold/cards doesn't count. If it just said "after taking your action, you may take four cards or four gold...", then people would likely be asking if this was four total or four additional.

Joram, thanks!

It is clear now for me happy.gif