Martian Banshee Sergeant

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Cartel Info File: 029
Unit Designation: "Martian Banshee Sergeant"
Faction: Capitol

Field Notes: The Banshee program started out as a brilliant expeditionary force, but when the world erupted in chaos, their resources were put to other uses — killing, to be exact. As the program progressed, these flying "Banshees" were heavily looked into with the Capitol R&D division. With advances in place, an official request was produced for the first upgrade in the Banshee division: Sergeant class.

Status: The Martian Banshee division has proven itself useful. We have achieved mass land acquisition thanks to new and unforeseen movement capabilities provided by the RP-187. We've also seen an increase of lifespan as the Banshee Troopers are well equipped to adapt to incoming fire. This makes the Troopers a valuable asset to us and a worthwhile investment. I would like to see this division receive an increase to their R&D department. I understand that the aeronautics division wouldn't be able to spend more resources on this project, but it would be something to delegate to with our Advanced Ballistics and B.C.S. (Battlefield Command School) departments. If you feel these upgrades are necessary as well, here is what I would like to see upgraded with the Banshee Trooper:

  • Dispersion Rounds — This ammunition has been in research for some time now, it's time to test them out. These rounds multiply in midair when fired on colossal units. These bullets have a sensor encased in the round which can sense the firing spread required to inflict an ample amount of damage on the target. Switching to these rounds will give our Banshees a better chance against large armored units.
  • Advanced HUD — This device will clarify the Banshees field of vision, allowing him to pinpoint enemies with precision. The Troopers' clear line of sight thanks to the IN-sight (Intelligent Node) will improve calculation and drive results. In addition to this, the display will run a simulation of what their shot would look like. If erroneous, the HUD will re-calculate the shot, resulting in more precision for the Banshee.
  • B.C.S. Beta — Investing time into these troopers will increase their productivity and lethality on the battlefield. B.C.S. has created an intermediate field combat program which will provide further training to the Banshees. The two areas B.C.S. wants to further their training on are Target Jamming (teaching the soldier how to use their onboard mechanical devices to confuse the enemy and disengage their targeting) and Field Disruption (enableing the trooper to fire off a particle field which causes communication confusion for the enemy. This is a finite shot, so it will only affect one enemy soldier, but that could be the difference between life and death for the Banshee trooper.

With these upgrades in place, we would effectively progress this experimental division into a solidified fighting force. Please look over this synopsis and give me your review in good time as these upgrades need to be made in due hast. We can't afford to lose anymore of these Banshees because of their lack of equipment. We can afford to invest in their battlefield potential and see more of a return investment with the swift crushing of the enemy. The demons approach and we need to act now!