Promo Watcher (like Potter Watch, but for Promos)

By Roxas2, in Hollow Bastion

I got mien too today. As much as I am happy with them, I feel a bit dissapointed knowing that I am only missing the one Sora Awakening card...I wish they would have a way of getting that and I am contemplating buying the Jap. one off doesn't have any words on it, so it isn't different really.

Got mine! I will now post scans.

I got mine as well as. I had the same problem as Chotiz

I got mine as well ^_^

i sent out mine about a week ago, don't expect anything for a while but we can always hope.

My girlfriend and I didn't mail until sometime in mid to late january, are we just out of luck and not going to see any ???

i just got mine saturday? yay!