November State of Game

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Players, Retailers, Scouts, UFS Fans of the World,

It's November, and now that James has settled in, the whole UFS team is cranking away. Steve is hammering out the details on some exciting new licenses for the 2009 release schedule, and has a hand in all aspects of UFS. ShadoWar was personally created by him, so naturally, he is making sure every character, card and aspect of this new world is awesome. I am working on the future of UFS organized play, and looking to create some new programs. James has just finished initial design of Set 12, and it looks great. The game is going back to its roots.

The Street Fighter: Warrior's Dream and SNK: Flames of Fame pre-release will be the second weekend in December. Pre-release tournaments can be run anytime between the 12th and the 14th. Set 11 features the first tournament-caliber Chun-Li and a host of balanced but brilliant finishers; every card in this set is playable.

The new Organized Play website will be done tomorrow, and its time to start transitioning from the GRT. This site features less gimmicks than the GRT, but has a decisive advantage: it works, and if it doesn't we can fix it ourselves. Please let your Scout know about the transition. This month only, we will be printing out a tournament list from both the new site and GRT, to make sure that no store misses their prize support. To complement this new website, we will be releasing the new tournament software. It has been put through its paces by several UFS tournament organizers at premier events, and has performed exceptionally well.

We have received the Soul Calibur playmats for the Set 10 pre-release redemptions, and we will be sending them out shortly. If you haven't turned in your form please do so. Thank you for being patient. With this shipment we have also received playmats for Set 11, the next playmats will come in your pre-release kits!

The regionals signup page is also online. I encourage everyone who wants to run one of these events to sign up as soon as possible. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. We have split the three strongholds of UFS — the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada — into regions. Each region will be able to hold two regionals, but they must be in separate venues, and different months. This program is going to be very exciting and feature unique prizes like UFS vitality counters. High level UFS action can be as close as your backyard!

As always, thank for your time and support.