Cannot buy POD expansions anymore

By doom-o-matic, in Death Angel

Hi guys,

is it not possible anymore to buy the print on demand expansions? I'm still looking for Deathwing and Tyranid, but I've been unable to get them anywhere. And here on the FFG page I also cannot add them to the shopping basket.



It seems like FFG has stopped selling POD products for all their Games Workshop games.

You will have to try and find another way to get these two PODs.

The license agreement stopping means they cannot "manufacture" Games Workshop IP products and POD's constitute manufacturing.

Sorry only remaining stocks elsewhere will be your only chance.

Go to ebay asap.

I did, got both for each 15 EUR each from a German reseller. Seems like everything is running out of stock quickly.

Excellent! Very pleased for you :)

Glad you were able to pick up the PODs. Now let the Tyranids beat you around like you never thought possible.