Battlestar Galactica: Preview 4 First Encounter

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Preview #4: First Encounter

In the scant time left before the release of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, we will be presenting a series of preview articles. The complete rulebook can be downloaded free of charge on the Support section of this website.

Today's article showcases the Rochester Gamers Community in their first game of Battlestar Galactica…

All but two of the six players were brand new to the game, and by way of explaining the game, the veteran players put some things in perspective. Cylons are bad! The humans must survive! Discover and uncover the Cylon threat, and make it home as soon as possible. The clock is ticking, resources are low, and death awaits in the cold darkness of space.
The Players

* Kyle Miller - playing Galen "Chief" Tyrol
* Ashley Hill - playing Sharon "Boomer" Valerii
* Charlie Covault - playing Lee "Apollo" Adama
* Brian Lucier - playing Gaius Baltar
* Wade Schwendemann - playing President Laura Roslin
* Cyrus Kirby - playing Admiral William Adama

The Story Begins

After 10 minutes of a quick rule rundown, the players take their place at the table and allegiances are dealt. Is there a Cylon among the humans, sabotaging efforts to make it to Earth safely? If so, the toaster is hiding well. It doesn't take long, however, until the first hint of a Cylon aboard the Galactica is revealed. A simple skill check indicates the possibility that at least one Cylon operative is on board and poking at the humans' defenses. Paranoia begins to take root in the hearts and minds of the crew, and accusations fly.

But that will have to wait. Outside drifts a Cylon Basestar with its Raiders zeroing in on the Galactica's position. Huddling close to Galactica are two defenseless civilian ships that must be protected at all costs!

Adama suggests that Apollo get in a Viper and take them out. Ready, willing, and able, Apollo takes the fight to the Cylons, obliterating any who get in his way.

Meanwhile, Adama orders the civilian ships to shift position away from the raiders while the rest of the crew works feverishly to get the FTL drives up and running so they can make the jump away from the Cylons and get that much closer to home.

Sadly, Apollo takes a hit, but thanks to some expert flying (and a lot of luck), he is recovered and sent to Sickbay to heal up. Shortly thereafter, Galactica jumps, leaving the Cylons alone in the void.

Galactica is safe for now…
A Play for Power

After a few more crises where it becomes clear that a Cylon in a position of power is working aganst the fleet, President Roslin declares that Admiral Adama is not capable of leading the Colonial Military. She uses the Quorum to assume the role of Admiral, and is now the President and Admiral of the fleet.

Being stripped of his authority and position, Adama campaigns hard to regain the trust of his crew, but to no avail. His actions are suspicious and he is thrown in the Brig. Cylon or not, the majority no longer trust their longtime leader. Such are the dark times the last of the human race find themselves in.

With Adama behind bars, President and Admiral Roslin takes the lead and the humans work even harder to get home. Aggressive decisions are made, and skill checks barely pass. A Cylon is still at large and remains hidden!

But wait! If Adama is behind bars, that means the Cylon is free! The crew have made a terrible mistake! Who else could be a Cylon? The only other likely candidate is Boomer, as her skills (Piloting) were used in the last few attempts to sabotage the skill checks.

Gaius, quiet and contemplative until now, points a steady finger at Boomer. She is a Cylon! Without a second thought, Boomer is sent to the Brig were she meets the fallen Admiral. But Adama has a plan and convinces the rest of the crew that Boomer is not a threat. She is allowed to go free, but there is still doubt about Adama. As such, he remains in the Brig, helpless to assist his ship and crew.

The Galactica jumps several more times, but resources are running low and the Cylon agent continues to be hidden and active. Desperate, Adama once again pleads to be released. The vote is cast. Adama, be he friend or foe, will remain in the Brig. Silently, the Cylon chuckles…
The Last Great Battle

The humans have made it past the halfway point, but the Cylons are not through with them yet. "Sleeper" agents, if any, have awoken. Long trusted allies could now be Cylon agents looking for an opportunity to destroy Galactica once and for all.

The Galactica, still led by President and Admiral Roslin, limps its way across space. They are almost home now, but at great cost. Fuel and Food are low. They are blessed however, as their Population is maintained and Morale, despite all their hardships, remains strong. Without warning, a Cylon Basestar appears with a vast number of Raiders. Galactica is fired upon and the ship takes damage, knocking out their FTL. Chief Tyrol does his best to put out the fire and repair the ship.

To their utter despair, the humans see yet another Basestar appear behind the Galactica. Both Basestars fire, almost tearing the ship in half. The humans scramble to fix the ship, pilots launch in Vipers for an all or nothing last stand.
The Final Blow

The Galactica is surrounded. Desperate for help, the crew turn to their fallen leader, Adama.

But no hope is to come.

Smiling evilly, William Adama reveals himself to be a Cylon agent! He orders the Raiders to attack! Hope crushed, morale all but destroyed, the tearful eyes of the last of the human race turn towards their President for guidance, leadership, hope…

And with cool eyes and a thin smile, their great leader who had taken them far and so close to home reveals herself to also be a Cylon agent!

The rest of the crew hardly has time to comprehend this final blow of treachery and deceit as the Cylons push their final attack.

A moment of quiet.

A final sigh.

And the Battlestar Galactica, the last hope for the human race, is destroyed in a giant ball of flame. All that remains is floating debris.

Next time, designer Corey Konieczka brings you his designer notes.