A Notice of Sad Tidings...

By Tim Huckelbery, in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

It has come to the Baron’s attention, as well as to the eagled-eyes of those who scour these ætherical series of tubes connecting this Modern World, that scurrilous deeds are afoot! Someone has had the audacity to lower the already diminutive price that was being charged for this Third Edition of his Game. Alarums!

The Baron weeps, for that funding was sorely needed to sally forth against the French against their latest invasion efforts. It now appears his supplies will include only three barrels of the ’77. If only he had the monetary means for even just one more barrel!

But you can do your part! When purchasing the book, now for only $24.95, simply post a cheque for the difference, along with any other funds laying about, to "The Baron Munchausen" (any official of letters will certainly be able to deliver your missive, and more importantly the cheque, to him, wherever he might be either on, under, or above the Earthy realms). And rest easy, knowing the Baron will certainly put it to good use. I hear the ’62 is also an excellent year.


Captain T. L. Huckelbery, of the Ærospatial Vessel Falcon, (RET)

(Hey all, yes indeed the price did drop on the book)

I don't know if you write these things yourself or if there's a team, but I simply cannot get enough!

Verily I cannot. I fear I shall have to husband my resources and direct my finances towards the purchasing of and care of a fully grown Rancor. And furthermore the aquisition of a set of Jedi robes and a seat on the first diligince bound for Arkham, Massachusetts. If any moneys remain I shall endevour to purchase the baron's fine tome.

I don't know if you write these things yourself or if there's a team, but I simply cannot get enough!

Thanks, they are fun to do (our fine folks at marketing did the news article and product page text; I've done the postings here and am working on support items to appear when the book launches). The game really inspires everyone to get creative in their writing, and I'm hoping we'll see lots of "in-character" postings here for epic stories from game sessions.


Loved the movie. Not sure how this will work out, but at $24.95 it might be worth a purchase. It does seem you have the right tone for the Baron.