Numbers of a Spectical Nature

By Tim Huckelbery, in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Hellos and Huzzahs to my fellow tellers of entirely factual tales!

The Baron has expressed his desire for his humble servant to relay information concerning the optical nature of his book. Oh, apologies, he meant the spectical nature. Drat, no, he means the specifications for the book, of which there are contained within many of his adventures across the globe, under and above the globe, and into the strato-spherical realms above.


This new Third edition is One Hundred and Forty Four pages in length, an expansion so vast as to be incomprehensible to any but the greatest of mathemagicians, and barely enough to contain all of the New Content.

It is also of Full Colour, with the renowned Omar Rayyan providing glorious illustrations unseen by mortal eyes until now throughout the book. Such is the stunning nature of the artwork that it pushed aside all others, and thus the entire book is comprised of art from this wonderful personage. Ready hand-kerchiefs and tissues, ladies and gentlemen, for surely you will weep upon seeing the Baron's adventures brought to life within these pages.

Additionally, the Fine People who give both Imaginary Power and Aeronautical Lift to Games have assured me that there will be Miniaturized Aetheric-Electrical Representations of the Baron's image suitable for use in Forums with Series of Tubes to indicate the Belief in the Baron's Extraordinary Tales, and Willingness to attempt to craft tales of equally fantastical (though, of course, utterly factual) nature.

Mendace Veritas!

— The Honourable Captain T. L. Huckelbery (ret)

Mmm yes, quite. That color art is what's saving said new tome in my opinion. For I do believe I happen to have a copy of the herr baron's earlier work in my library. I procured it from some nautical chap wearing an eye patch and a parrot.

Personally I'm more interested in the (surley many) additions that where made in this new tome. Especialy his account of his encounter with the inhabitant of R'lyeh. An account that hopely doesn't end with raming a boat trough the body of a great old one, for surely any common person can manage such a feat...

My thanks for your kind offer to replace my icongraphic portrait with one pertaining to herr baron Munchausen, but I'm afraid I must decline. I've grown rather accustomed of the visage of Nephren-Ka, avatar of Nyarlathotep, serving as my picture.

Plus Ultra!

- Robin Graves, esquire.

Edited by Robin Graves