GenCon 2016 events

By bill257, in Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con Experience

I see very few events for board games? Whats the deal the entire reason I go to GenCon is to be taught FFG games. Same with Origins. You guys finally go back there and all that is listed is tournaments?

Actually FFG did something amazing this year.

Qualifier on Thursday AND Friday for Xwing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thursday was soooo early for the Con opening day and only one day for their most popular system was just too limited.

I am amped and ready!

And all events aren't listed yet. More will follow in the listing.

There is tons of Magic events at Gen Con and none are listed yet either.

I have faith there will be learner events.

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I did a little more research and am a bit worried. I haven't been to GenCon since 2013 and there were 475 FFG events that year most of them board games. Last year there were only 150 events. This year is 70 so I wouldn't be surprised to see more stuff added, but I am not expecting much more than last year. Which is sad, I found the FFG volunteers excellent teachers of games the highlight of GenCon for me. Not sure what I am going to do this year other than the in flight report now.

I'm a little disappointed that Imperial Assault and XWing are on the same day Saturday.