Part Three: The Inquisition

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Mike Mason: A fair amount of speculation has arisen about how the Inquisition will be represented in Dark Heresy. For example, whether the game will focus purely on Ordo Hereticus investigations. I’m happy to put this speculation to rest by stating that Dark Heresy does indeed provide background and context for all of the major Ordos (Xenos, Hereticus and Malleus) plus provides insight into some of the specific secrets of the Ordos Calixis and their fascination with the ‘doom’ known as the Hereticus Tenebrae. Whilst the GM (and players) can decide which Ordo they serve, I imagine that for some groups a whole layer of mystery will be added by keeping the exact nature and politics of the group’s Inquisitor a secret. Some Inquisitors will, no doubt, be quite open about their allegiances and Ordo ‘membership’, however, others will find that secrecy is an essential tool in their dealings with their ‘employees’. Apart from investigating and confronting numerous threats, the player-acolytes, as the game progresses, may piece together information about their master, his outlook and goals. Sometimes the acolytes might not like what they find…

The setting of Dark Heresy is detailed across four key chapters: The Game Master, Life in the Imperium, The Inquisition and The Calixis Sector. Life in the Imperium provides an overview of the culture, organisations and various threats to the Imperium of Man, whilst The Inquisition chapter looks closely at each of the major Ordos, their allies, traditions and methods of operation. Making-up the largest chapter (in terms of word count) is The Calixis Sector, providing detail on the major planets, people and history of the sector, as well as, key power groups like the great houses, Imperial institutions and the Ordos Calixis (providing backgrounds for ten very difference Inquisitors). This chapter, particularly, is an excellent springboard in to numerous adventures threads and plots, and provides the bridge between the rulebook and the online Calixis Sector guide.

Naturally, being a distinctly secretive organisation, not every detail about the Ordos Calixis is revealed in Dark Heresy. Indeed, many new secrets, conspiracies and factions will be revealed in future Dark Heresy supplements.