Question about population.

By rolsonca, in Cold War: CIA vs KGB (original edition)

1. Is the population limit on the objective cards referring to number of cards representing groups or to the influence score on the group card? For example: If Greece is the objective and I have 3 group cards in play I cannot recruit (draw) another group card, correct? 1a. For objectives with 1 population icon, i.e. Olympic Games, is only one group card in play for each player and until that card is discarded a new group can't be recruited?

Thanks in advance


You are correct. The pop limit is how many cards you can have at one time. Those one pop objectives tend to be a pure coin toss... which is why they aren't worth many points. I've found that the pop limit on the other cards mainly comes into play when a player is trying to squirm his way out of Civil Disorder.