Timing question

By jadedbacon, in Mafia: Vendetta

So we picked up Mafia and are going to be getting a group together this Friday to play. I'm going to be the facilitator so I'm trying to make sure I have the rules figured out before then. One scenario I thought up was what if the Mafia decides to kill the player who happens to be the Sheriff?

Does the Sheriff get to use his ability that same night or is he considered Blocked, or does he get to pick a target but that target doesn't get killed?


I don't think that the sheriffs ability gets activated. It is a harder question if you should tell them that they are blocked or not. I would tell them that they are blocked, if for no other reason than to save myself some time and record keeping as the facilitator. I hope to be running a game tomorrow night and this has got me thinking of situations like this, thank you