number of players?

By rickert, in Talisman

I've only played Talisman twice. Once with four players and once with five. My wife has agreed to have me teach her the game. My question is this: How does the game play with 2? Can I teach her that way or would it be best to wait until I can put together more players?

Go ahead and teach her with just the two of you. The number of players affects many things, but none of the basics. And it will probably be easier to catch the rules with fewer players.

Yep, he's right. It's still worth it. Although you might end up never fight each other but instead go towards the crone the quickest possible. So usually no fight but a race to the strenght/craft experience, through the regions and the dungeon. No fight between the two of you, that is. Especially with your woman, I mean, you know how they are ;)

The game plays fine with two. Fortunately, in this edition they have taken out most of the cards which let you add to your movement which makes it hard to pick on the other player too much.

A major difference is the Reaper, in a two player he hardly ever lands on anyone. In a six player game he is a constant threat and you have to be careful to keep your distance.

I also noticed that the game is supposed to be for 2-6 players but in the back of the rules there is a variant for beefing up the Crown of Command where it mentions seven or more people in the game. I'd love to see what the Reaper would do in a ten player game!

Not sure why anyone would race for the crone, maybe in an effort to be toaded or just for a kiss?


Most times, i play with two players

I must say that i enjoy the game more with 2 players, than playing with more players.

The reason for this is, because you must wait longer when it is your turn, and it's more difficult to build up, and grab many of the objects for yourself.

Luckily, there is a speed rule, that decrease the trophy's for level up from 7 to 5 if you don't have too much time..

PS: Geoff

I think that (Hem) likes to be toaded lengua.gif So he is just asking for a kiss gui%C3%B1o.gif

2 players is really fun and the game gets over in less than 2 hours.

3 players is my preferred mix as there is more pvp etc yet the game can be played in 3 hours.

Sometimes we play 4, but obviously that takes longer (up to 4 hours).

I would not play over 4 players because of game length.

My 3-player rarely goes past 1.5h. I wouldn't mind playing with 4-5, assuming everyone knew what they were doing, there would be little downtime.