How to play.

By AOD425, in UFS Rules Q & A

Hello everyone this is my first post so I'm not sure if there is already a post for this so if so just send me the link.

Okay a few years ago I bought a ryu deck and tried to learn how to play this game but the rule book made it seem so complicated.

Today I bought the sophita and siegfried battle pack and tried to learn again with a friend and the rules seem completely different and even more complicated so I was just wondering if anyone could explain on here, send me an email, or send me a link to a online tutorial. It would be much appreciated.

there's no real in depth automated tutorial so the best ways to learn would be reading the tournament rules or trying to find someone in your region that already plays to teach you and your friend. a majority of the UFS community i've seen would gladly teach you how to play and maybe help you with your deck construction.

the tournament rules are linked in the sticky "Please read before posting"