Astropath, starting psychic powers question

By Nojo509, in Rogue Trader Rules Questions

In the Psychic Powers chapter, it says (p 157) "An Astropath Transcendent may also select two more techniques during character creation, and may select more by acquiring the Psychic Technique Talent"

I'm interpreting this to mean the "two more techniques" are free and do not require spending xp to get the Psychic Technique talent. Is this right?

On p. 162, it says that Astral Telepathy is Free for Astropaths. I interpret this to as in addition to the two free techniques. Is that right?

So, a starting Astropath could have five techniques. Astral Telepathy, the two free techniques, and by buying another two techniques with 200 xp out of the 500 xp they get at character creation. Is that right?


Yes, you can start with five powers. But remember that the two you purchase with pychic technique can't have a value of 0ver 100 xp, which kinda limits the choices.

Thank you.

I would have preferred having Astral Telepathy and the 2 free choices on the top of the Astropath's career page with all the other skills and talents they start out with. I hate jumping all over the place.