talisman island questions

By rickert, in Talisman Home Brews

I was wondering about all of the expansions at Talisman Island. Can anyone answer some questions?

First of all, how difficult is it to print out and use the material there? Does it require a lot of special software, printer paper, etc.?

Then, what are some of the best things you've found there?

Thanks for any help.

One of the more favored ways to create cards these days is to print them in groups on a sheet with spacing equal to the width and height of a normal card. Then your print a sheet of like card backs for the type of card (available at TalismanIsland.com). You cut these apart in the correct size, fronts and backs, and slip them into a ready made card sleeve, such as are used to protect normal cards.

Thicker sleeves (100 microns) are available through Fantasy Flight Games. Thinner, lighter ones (which I prefer, 40 microns) are available through Mayday Games and other outlets. The Mayday versions have given some people trouble in slipping in normal cards; they tend to be too tight, almost too small. But for the sake of homemade cards they work better because of this than a looser, slightly larger sleeve that is easier to slip thicker commercial cards into. (Honestly, I haven't had any problems with them myself for commercial cards.)

As to which fan made expansions are best... well, you need to download some and look for yourself. They vary widely in scope, approach, focus, and goal. You're going to get too many differing opinions on this question. And since you're in the section where all the home brewers hang out, you can guess which ones each one of us will point your at. gran_risa.gif