For the Cause!

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UFS Set 14: Quest of Souls , featuring more of your favorite characters from the hit fighting game, SoulCalibur IV, as well as dynamic new cards to enliven and enrich the Universal Fighting System metagame, is fast approaching. The pre-release weekend for Set 14 is November 20th-22nd and to whet your appetite for this expansion, set developer James Hata has contributed this brief spoiler for two new cards. Without any further ado, take it away, James!

Welcome to round 3 of the UFS spoiler articles. This time around we are taking a look at Sacrifices for the Cause and Full Moon Disembowel .

sacrifices-for-the-cause-sm.jpg Sacrifices for the Cause is an interesting card in that you spend cards in hand in order to commit cards in your opponent’s staging area. Note that it is a reusable ability, so therefore you can commit many low difficulty cards or a few high difficulty cards by discarding cards from your hand. So use this card to get rid of those pesky foundations you don’t want to deal with, or even go all out and try to commit your opponent’s character. Either way, just be careful not to overextend too much, or your opponent might end up punishing you harshly for it.

full-moon-disembowel-sm.jpg Full Moon Disembowel is one of my favorite attacks out of the set. The card has a pretty good +2 mid block modifier and is an high zone, high damage attack. This attack also has a great Combo ability that has a simple requirement, reveals the opponent’s hand, and provides a damage boost. Being able to see the opponent’s hand is especially great when used with the other ability on the card, which changes the zone of the attack!

Hope you guys enjoyed these previews. Stay tuned for the next spoiler for Soul Calibur IV Set 14!

- James Hata

Don't forget: the deadline for your store to sign up for the Set 14 Pre-release (The weekend of November 20th-22nd) is November 13th .

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