Alternate way to use specialist cards

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I'm not going to credit the creation of doing this myself since I didn't do it, I've just filled in the blanks and made it more organized to view. The original creator spewed it off here and I've been using his variant a bit to get an alternate approach that I think works well. Getting further opinions would be nice, especially from outside my own group.

Ok how it works is rather than using the default two cards method in CtA, MarcinW on BGG created a system where you're using a set number of points and valuing the cards so you can get a more diverse army limited only by the cards and units you have available. The best way to get used to it is to play with 100 points and have players alternating with choosing. I've included a link to a pdf that has a chart displaying all the cards, what they do, what expansion they're from and how much MarcinW valued them at.

I have all this information in a google doc that I'd be more than willing to share with anyone that would like a more customizable copy of all the units to play with.

I look forward to comments and I think I can argue justifications for about all of the values (I'm not sure on the hundred years war stuff since I just ordered that).

Would definitely be interested in that Google doc.

Do you alternate choosing until both players 100 points are taken up?

I'd send a private message asking for your e-mail address to send an invite to share the doc, but I can't find a way to do that on this forum.

As far as your question goes, yes for the most part, but it's possible that one player will hit 100 points before the other since the values range from 10-40 points each. So hypothetically one player could take something that's 40, then 40, then 20; while still alternating the other player takes five different cards that are worth 20. The first player would stop alternating once they hit their cap while the other would continue taking cards until they hit the limit.

And I'm seeing that the attachment I made via Image Shack isn't as big as I thought it would be, so adjusting that here's an attempt to correct that:



Battlelore Specialist Card Info (Hope it works)

I'm also very interested in this alternative way to use the specialist cards. MarcinW developed an excelent way to use them. I'll be trying it as soon as possible. So, I also would be interested in that Google doc, but I don't know very well how this forum works, because I'm new here.

Ok for the sake of simplicity I'll just say e-mail my secondary e-mail address that I don't mind getting spammed cause that's why it's the secondary one. If you want the google doc e-mail me at [email protected] with "Alternate way to use specialist cards in the title and I'll send it once I see it. If you don't get it within the 3 days or so, post again on here and I'll figure a way to get it to you.

If anyone is interested or wants to ask more questions, just ask. My email address is [email protected] - in topic just write specialist cards - so I don't treat it as spam. Until heroes I needed to make this houseruleset to keep playing battlelore with neverending interest - I have hundreds of games under my belt, and thanks to these rules - they rather get more interesting with time (of course provided you have experienced opponent - never use them before,say, 30 games for both players). These rules add spice and preplanning (though increase deployment time - but this one becomes a game on its own). Also, with these rules it is useful to increase number of banners to score or play until one of the players concedes - because there usually are more units than in normal CtA setup.