Characters age?

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I wonder what is the normal aging in Warhammer 40k?

If a rouge trader player would like to start playing with a 200years old person, is that old or young?

It is probably a big difference between a person born on a feral world or void born. But I have little knowledge how old an Inquisitor should/could be? or how old a rouge trader should be? how long can a character live, before dying of old age?

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Money and power are what keep you looking and feeling young in 40K.

I would guess most rich people between 30 and 150 years would be considered in their prime. Effectively 20-40 years old in the modern age. After 200 years it would be solely how much power and money you have to keep up the rejuve treatments. 300 years would be reachable, 500 would be ancient, if it is even attainable.

For those who travel in the warp a great deal I would probably take off 1-2 years per decade of actual age due to time flux.

The Mechanicus and Astartes are a whole different ball of wax.

I think at some point someone did a set of rules for rejuve treatments and aging.

ItsUncertainWho said:

For those who travel in the warp a great deal I would probably take off 1-2 years per decade of actual age due to time flux.

Average realspace:warp time displaceent is 12:1. Unless you travel very little, you're going to shave a lot more than 20% of your "real" age off your personal age. Spending even a month in the warp every calendar year nearly doubles your age from the universe's POV.

Age is irrelevant mechanically, so go with whatever fits your character conception best. 200 isn't young, but it's a long way from ancient for Imperial elites, who have access to all sorts of anagathics. There's also the warp-induced time fluctuation thing to consider. If you've spent a lot of your lifetime travelling FTL, odds are that the rest of the universe has aged at a dozen times the rate you did, and that's not even allowing for really bad warpweather. That 200 year old RT might reasoanbly have been born a millenium ago by the universal standard of measurement. If you've got Dark Voyage or Ship-Lorn in your origin path (either of which could easily be a brush with a really bad warp storm) you might be much, much older. Getting stuck in a temporal dead spot for thousands of years is entirely possible, after all.

If you wanted to run a really divergent DH/RT game, you could have the PCs come through a bad storm and find themselves so far in the future that everything's changed. The Imperium could be gone, or the Emperor might have finally reincarnated or been healed, or the Tyranids might have eaten everyone and left, leaving new life to evolve. Lots of room to write your own story, or you could use that kind of accident to end a game climactically, whether as tragedy or triumph.

That links to a handy-dandy chart I derived from White Dwarf #140 you can use to help keep track of aging. It's more random, less abstract, and very close to 'canon' as I could make it...that is if you don't like the 12:1 thing and still want to be "official".

What you need to keep track of is:

"Real" Age, "Apparent" Age, "Physical" Age and "Actual Age".

Real age is how old the character is in Real Time. Interesting to know, sometimes needed for plot hooks, but doesn't normally affect the character. For instance, a RT 30 years old might have a wife (25) and child (0), then leave and come back on several voyages. Due to warp travel, he'll have only aged Physically 10 years (40) but in Real Time, 25 years has gone by. His wife is now 50 (and 'Actually' older than he) is and his child is now 25, educated and ready to join him as an NPC character aboard ship. WOW, that only took like...3-5 adventure sessions...

Apparent age is how old the character looks (which can be important for RolePlaying purposes)

Physical Age is how old the character feels (and is only important if you decide to impose age-related Stat bonuses/penalties)

Actual Age, which is how old the Character actually is, factoring in time spent in the warp, time spent in Real Space etc.

So, a Character could be 300 in Real Time, look 40, feel 50 and actually be 110! Normally Apparent, Physical and Actual will be the SAME until the Character decides to start investing in Rejuvenate Treatments, which will stall physical aging and/or (but not necessarily both) how they look.

The truly important age is Actual Age, which a 110 year old character should possess 110 years worth of accumulated experience and knowledge. There is a point where Rejuvenate treatments start to not work anymore and in the fluff a 200 year (Actual) old character is considered quite "old", however you have to take into account that 99.9% of Imperial Citizens will look, feel and actually be around 70 when they die as they can't afford Rejuvenate Treatments, Bionic organs etc. etc. and have never been on a Warp Voyage.

Human: The oldest listed human is a lord Inquisitor at 750. The rogue trader in one fo the newer novels was list as 500+ with warp travel but between 100-200 body wise.

Tech Priests: at one time there was talk of a few being left over from the horus heresy, but being all bionic does that count . I might be wrong but i think currently oldest supported tech priest is around 1750 give or take a few 100 years was a npc in the old Inguistor game .

Life expectancy in 40k is a matter of the amount of money you have. The rich live for 100s of years and the poor last a few decades.