Upcoming Nottingham Tournaments

By Korrin, in UFS Uk Forum

Okay guys, a couple of events in the coming weeks here in Nottingham:

Sunday 15th November - Chimera Store Championships - Beeston

Event will kick off around 1pm, and will cost £2.50 to enter.
Standard format event (ie; not Legacy)
Take a look at the news entry for details of prizes, etc.

This is at the new Chimera store in Beeston, anyone that wants directions check out their website ( www.chimeraccg.com ) or ask me :) Also note that the Ripley Chimera store will be having their Store Championships the day before (Saturday 14th November)

Saturday 21st November - SC4 Pre-Release Tournament

Event will start around 2pm, cost still to be determined. Prizes will be as FFG said, plus anything else I can get my hands on :)

Will be the usual pre-release format - 6 boosters and you can build your deck from whatever you draw. Having spoken to Mike instore, we've come up with an interesting solution to the "not drawing a character" problem that arose at the last pre-releases. If you pull a character(s), you have to play as one you've pulled. If, however, you don't pull a character, I will have a supply of proxied characters from the set that you can pick from to play as (at random I expect, to make things fair)


Kev may a suggest that is as bad as being forced to play as charater that you pull sicne you may be unable to mount any sort of real offense with the cards you get. i.e the last pre release in notts i had 12 playable attacks outa 6 booster for the charater i was forced to play. I suggest that you allow people to use a foundatiopn they pull but with no abilty and 30 hp simlar to the universal fighter but with the abitly to play more than one symbol. Going by the set creation of tekken the cards wont be like the shadow war ones where they all share teh symbols of the chara they are created for.

As a followup, there will be a second pre-release taking place at Mondo Comico, the new Nottingham city centre store. Not 100% sure when this will be, but it'll be on a Thursday night - either 19th November if the kit is available by then, or the following week (26th)

I won't be running this one, it'll be Felix (Philosopher) that runs this event.


As mentioned in various other posts, the pre-release stock is going to be late.

As a result, this Saturday (21st)'s event will be postponed until the following Saturday, 28th, and run as a release event instead!

I'm thinking of running a Thursday event this Thursday (19th) at Bugmans if people are up for it.


Felix's pre-release thingum is tomorrow night I believe. I suck, so come down and get at least 1 free win.

VENUE: Mondo Comico -> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=117540569221&ref=mf

TIME: I believe it's 7pm start, I oculd be wrong, might be wise to call them.

If by tomorrow you mean Wednesday then you may struggle there, Esdevium don't have the stock yet. Why am I getting that sinking feeling again? preocupado.gif

crap it's Tuesday today?

in which case it should read as THURSDAY..

I swear to God I thought it was Wednesday today.

I've just spoken to Esdevium about it and if the information they have is correct the stock won't arrive until NEXT WEDNESDAY (2nd Dec).

Steve - I am going to push back my event but don't want to set a date until I've spoken to my players. I know a number of them are grumbling already about having this event so close to Christmas if it gets even closer then I think my attendance will be impacted.

Just to add to that, the tournament I was going to be running on Thursday the 26th will obviously now not happen.

If the cards do arrive in time I will be running a pre-release next week (December the 3rd) in Bugmans Bar at Games Workshop.

I guess this means no Chimera Beeston pre-release either. man I was looking forward to a week crammed with cardage.

Yes, to confirm the Chimera Beeston pre-release is delayed too.

Basically, at this point, I'm not prepared to make a definate date - when the kit arrives in the store, we'll work something out then. All I know is that it'll be one evening (either tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) as soon as is realistic after the kit arrives. With any luck, that'll be not next week, but the following one (so w/c 7th December).