Hi all

By Navar, in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

Just wanted to welcome myself to the community. I played Warhammer: Invasion this weekend with a buddy of mine and fell in love (with the game.) I really enjoyed the game, and I have now ordered myself one and one of each of the two expansions (it appears that they will release at the same time.)

I plan to play just for fun with friends and family and not competitively at all. I played high level Magic: The Gathering when it was still in its infancy (Legends. The Dark killed it for me) and was a world champion Warlord: Saga of the Storm player, so there is no drive for me to compete at any level again. I only say this because I still have those influences and know many generic CCG rules (always shoot for the minimum deck size, high cost slow cards may look awesome, but weenie rush often wins the day, etc.) and I want to make sure that we are playing correctly even if the game never leaves my basement.

I found the Card Database/Deck Builder on this forum, but are there any more websites dedicated to the LCG, or is this forum it? Are there any more online resources for new or experienced players?

Anyway, thanks in advance.

I build a fan website: johnny.kronberger-spiele.de

At this points there is only a Card Database and some text from Wytefangs Review, but I am looking forward to write some advanced decks on it, if I have my next two Core sets.

If you want, you can write yourself some articles and then publish them on the site.

Welcome to the fold.

(nice website btw!)

As for the lack of websites atm... it's a new and not yet (if ever) widespread cardgame. So for most info/rumors/advice/strategies/... you'll probably have to work through the forum here.