Hi all

By Navar, in CoC General Discussion

New player just dropping in to say “Hi”. I posted a rules question in the rules forum, but this thread is just for me to welcome myself to this community.

I just picked up the starter set, and I ordered the first 4 “packs” from an online retailer because my LFGS doesn’t carry any of the packs, nor could they order the older ones.

Anyway, I like the game so far, it looks great. I have found Chris Long’s website, and several articles by Xedric and Cannon that I have read, but is there any more current website dedicated to the LCG, or is this forum it? Are there any more online resources for new or experienced players?

I plan to play just for fun with friends and family and not competitively at all. I played high level Magic: The Gathering when it was still in its infancy (Legends. The Dark killed it for me) and was a world champion Warlord: Saga of the Storm player, so there is no drive for me to compete at any level again. I only say this because I still have those influences and know many generic CCG rules (always shoot for the minimum deck size, high cost slow cards may look awesome, but weenie rush often wins the day, etc.) and I want to make sure that we are playing correctly even if the game never leaves my basement.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice and FFG rocks. I decided to pick up this game because I played Warhammer: Invasion and loved it so I bought this and Warhammer as well.

welcome to the game and forums mate, i too used to play some tournys but i dont now, its more fun i think with friends, anyhow no matter how you play welcome happy.gif

Welcome Navar!

Nice to read you in the forum helping us gui%C3%B1o.gif to improve the game level!


Welcome to the game and the forums. :)

Welcome ! This board is still the main meeting/asking place for CoCLCG, in my opinion. There is another forum for this game at Boardgamegeek.com. Chris Long (who is also Cannon) hangs out there, we haven't seen him around this board in quite a while.

Hope you have a good time with the game.


Welcome Navar! Keep up the posts! Watch out for the Shoggoths. Don't make the mistake I did and loan one of them your car.