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By Navar, in CoC Rules Discussion

I have a quick question. First let me say I am new to the game, but I made a thread about it in the General forum so for welcomes and all that there is a place. Second I already have guessed that this is a common question, and I tried to find it in the FAQ, but couldn’t, nor did I see a thread about it in the first couple of pages of these forums. If there is a resource other than these forums for rulings and the like if I could be pointed to it that would be awesome.

Ok so the question is a simple one. I don’t know the name of the card as the example, but I imagine that the question comes up for other situations as well.

If I have a character card that has the Transient trait and it is used as a resource and “destroyed” can that character be brought back to my hand?

The card that made me think of this was an Agency card that has some ability like “When this card is destroyed it is returned to your hand at the end of the turn” or something like that from the base set (the only cards I have so far.)

Anyway, thanks in advance, I am sure I will have more questions in the future.

hi again, not 100% on this but no, its a recourse not a character when its down the bottom, (as a recourse) so its effects wouldnt happen

Ok I found the card

Local Sheriff is the card name and his ability is

Action: Pay 1 to return Local Sheriff to your hand if it entered the discard pile this phase.

So the question is, can I use his ability to return him to my hand if he was put into the discard pile via the Transient trait?

Sorry for the poor wording of the first post.

yes in this case you can, you have an example with this card in the faq p.8 :

"Note that some cards, like Local Sheriff
(Core Set F3), are not triggered in
response to entering your discard pile,
but have “Action:” effects that can be
triggered from your discard pile. These
effects can be triggered from your
discard pile even if the card was blank,
insane, discarded from hand, or attached
to a domain as a resource before it
entered the discard pile."

It's the interest of this transient, when you pay 1 you can return it in your hand and use it again the next turn, and again, and again...