Release date?

By ffgfan, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Some times ago someone was talking about 5th November, then there was 30th November. So what is the corect release date for this?

I would like to know will i get it before Christmas? The shiping to Europe takes some time and it's not a 10 day shipping it comes sometimes to a month. So when?

Amazon lists the date as November 30th.

No official word, I don't believe. However, Nov 30th is quite plausible. We do know that the pre-launch event is Nov 13-15th, so a week or two after that for the actual launch is entirely reasonable.

While I hate to cast gloom into the mix, there's really no way to tell what the release date will be.

Amazon is notoriously inaccurate about RPG releases, and FFG isn't saying.

I would guess in the next few days. At least, x-mas is coming and it should be available by then. The try-out kits have already been produced and distributed.

I posed this same question in my Pre-ordered thread. FFG still shows the status as "at the printer." After that comes "on the boat" which can normally be weeks before they are available. We all know the pre-launch event is next weekend and although sets will not yet be available for sale at that time, you'd assume that FFG wouldn't want too much time to elapse between the pre-launch event and the game being available so as to capitalize on any enthusiasm built up at the pre-launch events. Amazon lists my delivery date as 2 Dec and with 2 day shipping for Amazon Prime, that jibes with an 11/30 availability date, but Amazon's dates are only based on info they (presumably) get from FFG. It'd be nice to get a release date from FFG to back that up.

Maelstrom Games has put it at 18 december, which is think is more accurate assumptions.

Don't forget that once it's 'off the boat' it still has to 'make it to FFG' then 'out to distributors' then 'into your LGS'. So I'd bet mid/late December at this point.