The Peaceful Way

By Judas225, in UFS Rules Q & A

Just a few questions regarding certain interactions with this card.

If I block, then use The Peaceful Way can I still respond with Know When to Talk after my attack has resolved? and what would be the actual timing order on that sequence?

After responding with The Peaceful Way, is it still possible to play a reversal from your hand normally after your Peaceful attack is resolved?


1) They both have the same trigger timing, the only change in condition is one cares about the quality of the block and the other doesn't. Timing-wise they are interchangeable though, so you can play the responses in any order you choose, so playing the attacks then filling up the card pool or vice versa.

2) Know When To Talk stops you playing attacks as reversals, this does not affect your ability to play reversals via other card effects. Peaceful Way allows you to play a card with the reversal trait as an out of sequence attack, not as a reversal, so it is not hindered by previously having played Know When to Talk's R:. It also means you can use multiple Peaceful Way's to play more than one attack.

3) You may only play one Reversal to an attack, however, The Peaceful Way is not playing a revrsal to the attack, it is just playing an attack as a responce to a trigger, thus you can still play the reversal keyword after the initial attack has resolved. (unless you used Know When to Talk of course!)