Storing all the BattleLore Stuff

By alanrn, in Battlelore

I'm new to BattleLore and am quickly being overwhelmed with all the "stuff." What do others use to keep track of everything? The original box is obviously not big enough and the boxes the expansions come in are worthless.

Oh, and before someone says, this has been addressed a gazillion times, for some reason my "Search the Forums" button isn't enabled. (Any explanations?) happy.gif

What I'm doing now is simply using a supply of baggies and Ziploc containers to put everything in. I have one gallon-size container for the "English stuff," another for the "French stuff," including the default mercenary armies, and another for the "community stuff." Inside each of these, I use numerous other baggies for the various troop types, dice, racks, etc.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


If you go over to the Board Game Geek there are some truely beautiful storage ideas though my crafting skills / workshop (i.e.close to zero) means I'm left using a rather large tool box which holds everything but the boards though lots of people use Plano 'fishing tackle' boxes again BGG details models used and the like.
At some stage in the future I might invest in a poker chip carrying case, its designed to hold about 40000 chips and my eyeball comparison of chip height to figure height means it should fit...


A user over at the old DoW forums with the username Sultan came up with a storage system that I mimicked.

It made use of the Plano 1374 4-By rack system. These are pictures that Sultan had posted.





You can view all the images and info at his flickr album here .

I will try to post pics of my solution here. I am using a knockoff Plano Tackle box. Each troop (4 infantry or 3 cavalry) gets a square. Keeps them seperated for easier set up and now that I am painting them helps protect them.

I love the plano solutions. I've gone to the original box with half-sized sandwich bags. The books are in a 3-ring binder outside of the box and everything fits. I have every expansion except the Scottish Wars.

I've got this big 11"x17"x11" box I use to store all the stuff. I just received Heroes in the mail and so I need to make some card holders for all the Artifacts and whatnot, but so far it fits everything. I am currently using makeshift 1.5" square grids made out of cereal box material to keep the individual units in, and that is working pretty well but I'm looking for a tackle box style solution that will fit into my big box. The grid keeps the units separated and organized fairly well but it's a pain trying to actually get them out :)

What I really like about the Plano 4-By system is that the cases in the base have more than enough room for all the figures, tokens, and terrain tiles. In fact, I've got all the expansions (minus Heroes) and I still have one case that's completely empty.

Additionally, the storage compartment under the lid can hold all the cards, rules, booklets, FAQ printouts, along with two game boards.