CoC RPG characters?

By Gnutten, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

I really like the characters in this board game with their personal history and some own agendas and goals.

An now I just found myself planning some different CoC RPG scenarios set in Arkham 1920.

Then it hit me that it could be rather interesting to include the fluff and story elements of the board game and just build on them and convert is to a RPG experience. The allies and the different locations are already rather represented in Chaosiums edition of Arkham and the different mythos and event card got really ALOT of nice story ideas that could be included in a RPG campaign.

Then it also hit me that surely someone else should have been into this idea before...

Have anyone here on this forum seen CoC RPG adaptations of the charcters from Arkham Horror... with CoC RPG stats?

I am pretty sure that the the original board game published by Chaosium used stats that were closer to the RPG. I think you could even take your character from the RPG and use it in the board game.

A lot of the characters from the board game appear in Chaosium supplements as well.