Battle Savvy

By awayputurwpn, in Battlelore

Am I the only one who doesn't get the Battle Savvy rules? Do all units have Battle Savvy status at the outset of any "Battle Savvy Rules in effect" adventures, or do certain units gain it somehow during the course of the adventure?

Excellent question. I am likewise unsure about the purpose and functioning of the Battle Savvy rules. Hopefully, Mr. Borg will be patrolling the forums and enlighten us.

I think that is accurate. Essentially, the war has progress to a point at which all units are seasoned veterans.

However, it would be interesting if Battle Savvy was a specialist card instead. In that case, how many troops would it affect? Hmm...

All units for both camps are veteran fighters, when Battle Savvy rules are in effect.

We suggest that players consider returning to previous released adventures, in the core game and Specialist packs, and give them another spin with Battle Savvy rules in effect. As the game has expanded, we have been using Battle Savvy rules for all adventures and would highly recommend from this point on, players consider using the Battle Savvy rules in all of their BattleLore gaming.

Richard Borg