Newbie question

By Smiley7, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Hi folks. Can't find this referred to specifically in the rules. If I close a gate but don't have enough clues or an elder sign to seal it, can I nip off from the location, acquire some more clues, then come back and seal it? The rules say if I leave before closing the gate I lose the opportunity to close it, but as far as I can see they don't specifically prohibit you going away once it's closed, then coming back to seal it later. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious?

no sorry, once you leave the location, you will have to go back through again to gain another explored marker, as you will loose that once you leave, best not to go through until you have something to close it with.

Smiley said:

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious?

Heh. Yeah, you're missing that Explored Marker you were standing on. You can't close without having one of can't get one of those without traveling through a Gate...and you can't keep one for later since you lose it the moment you move away from the Gate.

But nice try, though! gran_risa.gif

I believe the OP means that once he has closed the gate, can he go grab clues and come back and seal it. This is not allowed, as the gate is no longer there when you return...

Yes, I see now. There's a story logic there. And if my ageing brain can understand the story logic behind a rule, it can generally remember it. Hurrah!

Thanks a million, folks. Once again, this is a such a fantastic forum for the novice. And ye gods, do these responses come thick and fast!