Illumination - sight - vision -distance

By wolph42, in Dark Heresy

It seems that DH totally lacks any rules on illumination or sight in general, there isn't somehting like WFRP nightvision (and I would guess DH to be the spot for some nice implants) but also different light sources and there throwing distance, spot distance rules are totally lacking.

Soooo... has anyone houseruled this or has a good source to base rules on?

thank you!

Rules for Illumination can be found on page 216 under the heading "Lighting".

Rules for light distance of common lighting equipment can be found on page 150 under the description for the Glow-globe/Lamp Pack.

Nightvision can be found on page 325 and is called "Dark Sight". Equipment which grants this trait can be found on page 147 and is called "Photo-Visors/Photo-Contacts. For implants that grant it, look to the "Cybernetic Senses" on page 155.

Rules covering sight in general are scattered about but, for the most part, and, true, there doesn't seem to be anything covering any form of spot distance beyond the GM's decisions on the difficulty of an Awareness check or Search check. Unfortunately, there's no house rules for me on that. I just go by rough distance. If something is close and trying to hide, +10 to the search or awareness test, if it's far off, -10 to a -30 depending how far off to the horizon said thing is and how difficult I think seeing such a thing at such a distance would be without Magnoculars or similar devices.

Many many thanks, its weird though I have looked in gear and implants, but must have totally missed it and I just don't get why... as for the traits, I could have guessed but never thought of it (was looking through the talents for this). The nightvsision has totally eluded me. I would simply not have guessed that it was called 'nightvision'...

Did you memorize the book? :D