power armour and unnateral strength

By VronishKez, in Rogue Trader Rules Questions

Simple and quick question. Does the strength score modifier (+20) from power armour factor into your strength bonus before or after unnatural strength? The way my Explorator has been playing it is that it factors in after...but my friends keep saying that it sounds like it gets factored onto my strength AND THEN multiplied by unnatural strength.

I'd say after.

If you think of it like this, Unnatural strength is commonly a permanent modifier to any creature. It's "switched on" all the time. A power armour however is something you put on and activate and THEN it provides you with an increase in strength. The power armour would therefore augment your current strength, it wouldn't "boost" the unnatural part of it.

Sargent Agamorr from dark heresy has it added after doubling, that's the most official reference I know of.

thats what i thought, and it makes alot of sense, thanks for the input