Milwaukee play groups?

By Dietcokeofevil, in 3. AGoT Organized Play

I'm considering starting up AGoT and I was wondering if there were any local Milwaukee players or groups?

I started playing AGoT just after I finished college at UW-Madison and moved out to DC, but because I grew up in Milwaukee (my parents still live in Cudahy) I dug around a few years ago to see if there was anyone playing AGoT out there. The best I could find was a weekly gaming night at Board Game Barrister on KK at which some guys would randomly play Thrones among other things, but it seems that Barrister has since moved to Bayshore Mall:

Thanks for the help. I'll go check there. It doesn't seem like its very big here in Milwaukee. I haven't seen anyone playing any of the FFG LCgs actually. Hope you're having better luck in DC.

If you're interested in an introduction to the game and some casual play to get a feel for whether you'd like to work on getting more people in the area hooked, a bunch of us are going to have a Saturday "game day" session in Elgin, IL on Nov. 21. Not particularly close to Milwaukee, but maybe not out of the question, either. The guys would certainly be willing to demo and to lend you constructed decks so you can get a feel for the game.

I just posted about this. At AIG on 92nd and Oklahoma me and a friend play. We are hopefully looking to get a few more intersted. If you want to me a line go ahead, we play on Tuesday nites right now, but im more then willing to expand that out a nite if need be.

If you want to me an email go ahead. [email protected] just use that to make sure we are going to be there that nite.

Thanks , and I look forward to hearing from ya!

I'll be back to Milwaukee for a few days around Christmas; maybe I'll try to meet up with you guys around then.

I live in Madison and have been collecting and playing since 2004 (whatever year Valyrian Edition dropped). I've never played outside of my home - my wife and I usually play.

it so happens that i'm in madison fairly often visiting my girlfriend (about once a month), though when i'm back i usually don't have much time to play outside the middle of the weekdays i'm there. if your schedule allowed for playing downtown/on the UW campus during the day on mondays or fridays, i might be able to meet up. in fact, i'll be in town this weekend. send me an email at my gmail account (eabutzlaff) if your M/F schedule might allow for that, and i'll let you know when i'm coming into town in the future. also, i'm thinking about trying to get a tournament together in madison in early january when i suspect i'll be spending a week or two straight in town, but i'm not quite ready to plan that yet.

though i started playing AGoT after i graduated from UW, there used to be a lot of players in madison, including old AGoT forum regulars like madkassel and lordofbrewtown. i think the scene sort of fell apart when FFG announced the full switch to LCG, but they still lurk around here. pretty sure they used to play at misty mountain, but don't quote me on that.

there's also a skilled CCG player in milwaukee who played star wars and LOTR with me back when those were popular, and i've played AGoT with him a few times, though he owns no cards of his own. if there was a scene in milwaukee, he might be inclined to join, though at this point in the LCG environment the cost to enter the game and get playsets is kind of steep.

you guys should start a WI thread in the "metagame" section of the forums.