Some missing components, can someone help me find out which?

By ishinken, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Hey there. I've been wanting to make this post for a long time but it has just never came to the drawing board.

I have searched around for complete component lists of what the game contains but have not really found any. Also I have looked where you turn if you miss components and ask for new ones but havent really found that either.

First component is a monster. I have the original Arkham Horror and the expansion Innsmouth Horror.

Monsters I have in total are:

x4 shoggoth

x3 maniac

x4 proto-shoggoth

x7 cultist

x4 mi-go

x3 dark young

x6 deep one

x2 dimensional shambler

x2 formless spawn

x2 witch

x3 byakhee

x2 fire vampire

x2 hound of tindalos

x3 lloigor

x3 ghoul

x2 nightgaunt

x2 warlock

x3 ghost

x3 zombie

x4 deep one hybrid

x3 elder thing

x2 chthonian

x2 gug

x4 being of ib

x1 star spawn

x1 servitor of outer gods

x1 vampire

x1 high priest

x1 priest of dagon

x1 barnabas marsh

x1 dhole

x1 flying polyp

x1 tendril of nyogtha



wailing writher

the bloated woman

the dark pharoah

haunter of the dark

god of the bloody tongue

the black man

The second component that is gone (it was not even in the box) is a BLIGHT card from the expansion "the King in yellow"

the blight is DOYLE JEFFRIES (the one that makes the riot monsters appear)

Thankful for any help

Monsters have count and expansion symbol, after that, it's basic math to see what you're missing.

As for missing stuff, click the "User Support" at the bottom of the page (dark grey text in dark background, "woot") and choose the Customer Service choice from the departments.

From your count I think it's a Star Spawn that's missing.