Normandy expansion figures

By player182901, in Tide of Iron

Looks to me that the British figures in the noramady expansion are wearing shorts i.e. they are british 8th army. That kinda dissapointing. Would have though FFG would have modelled prope eoropean caostumes for the brits. Also there seems to be no british tank. i.e. churchill. Again really dissapointing. Anyone confrirm this?

Yes - the British figures are wearing shorts - the figures are identical to those made for the Days of the Fox expansion. I agree this is a bit disappointing given the Normandy theatre.

There are no British tanks in the Normandy expansion - either the scenarios don't include them or you just use the US Shermans from the base game.

I guess some pendraken 10mm churchills and SHQ 20mm brits would fit the bill. That or I putty up trousers on the in box brits. At tleast its only the rank inf that have trousers. All others seem to have trousers.

...and in days of the fox you don't get any afrika korps germans...sigh time.